What We Do

Business owners today need the best tech advice.

Whether it's what cloud to use, help with defining a new process, de-mystify some tech you've already got, create a new architecture, or to simply validate a quote you've received, our HeyShmu Consult service ensures that you're getting quality advice.

Organise a #coffee (or a #beer) with one of our consultants today.

Our build process gets your idea from concept to production as fast as possible.

This could be creating a webpage or blog, building a snazzy spreadsheet, or dreaming up something amazing.

From Startups to Enterprise, HeyShmu Build can make your next project great.

We love low cost, low maintenance, high value solutions and HeyShmu Launch is how we deliver.

We believe in using off the shelf cloud services, containers and serverless environments to make amazing things available globally for almost no costs.

If you're looking to reduce costs and increase uptime, speak to us today.

What We Use

Who We Are

HeyShmu is a Digital Consultancy formed in Melbourne, Australia.

We care about solving your problems, and we make sure you are involved at every step of the journey.

Our goal

At HeyShmu, we know that all good projects come from an inspired idea. Someone who truely believes they can make a difference. They know they're on to a 'winner'.

We exist to make these 'winners' a reality.

Our process

We always start with #coffee or #beer.

To really understand a person and their goals, it has to be discussed in an open informal setting. We find #coffee or #beer to be the perfect icebreaker to really get the creative juices flowing!

Our method to deliver is all about fast feedback. The idea is that we get feedback as often as possible to ensure we're on the same page.

This means you might have to watch us code sometimes, but we find this works out best for everyone.